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Just things that are dear to my heart!

These 3 pictures are Iron, a very special dog!


 A must see video! Grab a tissue!




 The poem below was written by a family that now has two of our pups. 


If I were Dog



John Grijak



If I were a dog…

I would start life as

a fuzzy young pup.

I would be no larger,

than the size of a tea cup.


As days go by I would grow and grow,

my brothers and sisters,

I would all get to know.

So many siblings,

some look just like me.

Together with mama,

we are a big family!


It has been two months now,

and we’re all having fun.

We like to eat and to drink

and to sleep and to run.


But now there are strangers

coming in and going out.

Watching and petting us

as we all scurry about.


One took a brother

and one of my sisters, too.

Where they were taken,

I just never knew.


A little boy spied me

and then picked me right up.

He said to his parents,

“This is the one,

I want this pup!”


Away from my family

they took me real far.

The boy held me close

as we rode in their car.

They named me “Zeus”

because of my size,

and they all gazed upon me

with love in their eyes.


It has been a whole year now

and I cannot complain.

They house, feed and play with me.

It’s all love

and no pain.


I feel older than the boy,

I am one; he’s not even seven.

I wonder how I will feel

when I am eleven!


The boy says he’ll love me

to very last end.

I give my love back

because I’m his best friend.


The Atlanta Golden Retriever Club was proud to be the..... 

Host to the 2011 GRCA National!!!

  We had a wonderful time.  I was able to attend the English Tea and meet English breeders and see their wonderful dogs!

 Conyers Kennel Club NEWS-We meet the 2nd Monday each month at the Conyers IHOP at 6:30. Join us! Here is the link for Conyers Kennel Club.  Our shows are in August and February.  We also have Handling and Canine Good Citizen classes every fall and spring.  Look for our matches and other fun, family, activities.

   Dr. Hines spoke to our local kennel club(Conyers Kennel Club) telling us about Stem Cell therapy and the benefits of probiotics diet.  It seems like a miracle for those dogs that suffer from hip, elbow, and knee problems.  I am including links for more information.



 Dancing dog